New Solo Wool Single - Hard To Go Quietly

Scott Wooldridge presents his new single: Hard to Go Quietly. For a limited time, you can download it free from Bandcamp.

It's a song I've had around for a while, but I started recording it as part of an album project and the more I worked on it, the more I thought I should go ahead and put it out now, during the election season. It's not about politics so much as talking about politics. A lot of it 
was inspired by the sometimes-frustrating political discussions that so many of us have had on Facebook and other places on the Internet.

So here it is, a little rough and very home-made, but a production that was fun and educational for me.

It features Sloan Hamilton on mandolin and Mike Senkovich on lead guitar. It was recorded at Silver Ant Studio by Tommy Tousey.

I've also got a video to go with it, which will be out very, very soon!

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